Wool Forwards

ACA has developed, in partnership with Financial and Energy Exchange Group (FEX), the Riemann Wool Forward Contract, a risk management product designed for the Australian Wool Industry.

Riemann Wool is the largest and most recognised forward market in the wool industry, allowing growers and producers to manage their production and price risk. Riemann’s success is underpinned by the use of leading trading technologies and a strong commitment with key stakeholders in the Australian Wool Industry.

Riemann’s solid track record of combining effective and innovative technologies to create a transparent and legitimate forward market has been highly regarded by key stakeholders in the Australian wool industry. All key wool exporters, and the majority of wool brokers use Riemann as their main hedging/trading tool on behalf of their grower clients.

Key features of Riemann Wool Forwards:

  1. Legitimate risk management tool for wool growers and exporters.
  2. Transparent forward market with live prices available anytime.
  3. Unmatched number of products covering wools from 18.5 micron to 30 micron and maturity up to two years.
  4. Physical wool broker responsible for managing grower’s orders and contracts.
  5. Wool delivered to wool broker the normal way.
  6. Contracts settled against nominated MPG to avoid basis risk.

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